Biomass Boiler Services Ltd are the premium provider of biomass boiler installations and maintenance services throughout the UK and Ireland. We offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel heating systems helping to reduce CO2 emissions that can cause global warming.


Biomass heating systems use recently living materials as a fuel source which means that a number of readily available fuels in the UK can be used as a replacement of fossil fuels. The most common sources of biomass fuel in the UK and Ireland are chipped wood and miscanthus pellets which are produced from fibrous grass and wood.

Because biomass is created from recently living sources, any CO2 that is produced in the burning process, is identical to that absorbed during the growth period. Compared to fossil fuels that release CO2 into the atmosphere which has been confined within the Earth for millions of years, biomass fuel produce no additional CO2 making it a carbon neutral fuel source.

The advantages of installing a biomass boiler include:

Reduction in global warming
Additional planting and management of woodland
Biomass is a chosen growth sectors in the UK
Reduction in carbon dioxide Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects and district heating
Avoid increases in Landfill Tax and Climate Control Levy
Biomass is becoming ever more competitive with fossil fuels

Biomass Boiler Services Ltd are the leading suppliers of biomass heating systems throughout the UK and Ireland.

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