Rebuilding Viessmann 950Kw Pyrotec

Rebuild Viessmann 950


Diary of a Biomass Boiler Engineer:
Rebuild Viessmann 950 brickwork

Rebuild Viessmann 950. Earlier this year we were set the task to rebuild the brickwork of a Viessmann 950kw Pyrotec biomass boiler. No job is too big! Keith, our biomass engineer spent two weeks rebuilding this badly damaged boiler. Here’s his heartfelt diary from that time. Grab a tissue. It gets emotional.

Day 1 – Assessing the Damage. Work Begins

“Today’s challenge, to strip out the damaged brickwork from a Viessmann 950, installed in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
The next challenge that we are more than up for is to replace the brickwork and ash trough.”

This biomass boiler was 4 years old, and looking a bit sorry for itself. Keith spent the first day getting stuck in and stripping out the old boiler’s brickwork.

The continuing strip out

“Further issues were highlighted with this boiler:
The block work floor had also succumbed to resin going between the blocks and attacking the insulation underneath.”

Resin had dripped between the block work, and you can see from these photos what a job Keith had ahead of him.

“The de ashing trough has definitely seen better days, with the sides impacting on the de ashing auger, which resulted in much cursing and cutting to free the auger.”

Ash trough finally surrendered

“After some coaxing (and swearing!) the ash trough was removed from the boiler with much elbow grease being used.
Insulation and brickwork to be started in the morning.”

 And so the re-build begins

“A few more days of work to go yet before we bring this badly damaged boiler back into service.”

Week two on the rebuild of a badly damaged biomass boiler

“That’s all walls complete and door lintel done. Tomorrow brings the arch build and finishing.”

New Arch Fitted

“Well that’s the arch in place, bit of insulation to put in first thing in the morning then hand fire the boiler.”

Boiler Back Online

“Final part of the rebuild the hand fire looking good so far.”
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