North Uist - Eco Friendly Seaweed

North Uist – Eco Friendly Seaweed


North Uist Eco Friendly Seaweed Biomass Boiler Services

Our engineers go to great lengths to keep their contracted boilers running – as far as North Uist. (You can’t get much further away than that.)

Biomass energy is powering this 1MW Binder biomass boiler, which in turn heats and dries their locally harvested seaweed. This seaweed is shipped all over the world to be used as fertiliser, and for medicine. Some of it even goes into making popcorn for dogs, and 3 tonnes were shipped over to fuel prize-winning camels in the Middle East. (Yes, really.)

Drying using biomass and renewable fuels

Uist Asco sustainably sourced Ascophyllum Nodosum is a seaweed off the northern Atlantic Ocean . It is rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace nutrients, which lends itself well to natural fertiliser and eco-friendly healthy dog treats.

The workshop at North Uist showing the two biomass boilers which we maintain and service.
The workshop at North Uist showing the biomass boiler and heater which we maintain and service.
Binder 1MW boiler
Binder 1MW biomass boiler
The factory is an ingenious ‘repurposing’ of the former MacIain quarry to the north-west of North Uist. In an integrated operation unique in Northern Europe, Uist Asco makes use of local pine forest as biomass to power the massive boiler which uses water from a nearby loch to create the heat to dry bladderwrack (ascophyllum nodosum) harvested from within a ten mile radius by local cutters.P. Burns

Biomass Boiler Services Ltd. specialise in maintaining and servicing biomass boilers over 1MW. We pride ourselves on over 30 years of experience, as well as NIEIC accreditation.

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