Frogmary Green Farm – Somerset


The Task:

Frogmary Green Farm – Somerset – Biomass Boiler Services Ltd

Frogmary Green Farm chose us to install a 300kw biomass boiler in 2010 to supply heating to their current buildings, with the addition of more new buildings and the renovation of other buildings we returned in 2014 to install a new 540kw biomass boiler to run alongside the original one providing a larger heating capacity.

Frogmary Green Farm – Somerset – Biomass Boiler Services Ltd

Frogmary Green Farm is a successful estate set in the beautiful Somerset countryside. It has 800 acres of arable crops and were previously focused on potato production. More recently, they have invested in two state of the art chicken houses. They have continually grown the business adding many new buildings and utilising former buildings previously used in the potato production providing accommodation, a cookery school and meeting rooms. Also boasting a beautiful arboretum of 230 trees planted around their pond with around 1600 over the whole of the farm as well as 4 kilometres of hedgerows.

“We were the first in the UK to install a biomass woodchip boiler for our chicken house heating system. Two Austrian Kob Pyrot boilers (840kw) utilise timber from local woodlands to provide us with a renewable energy source and avoid the need for fossil fuels.”

Frogmary Green Farm – Somerset – Biomass Boiler Services Ltd

Installation, Operation and Wood Fuel Consumption

By choosing biomass boilers for their heating system means they could utilise timber from their local woodland to heat water providing a renewable heating source, cutting down on bills, significantly reducing their carbon foot print and avoiding the need to use any fossil fuel ensuring that the building are as efficient as possible.

kob viessmann pyrot 300kw 540kw boiler
Kob Viessmann Pyrot 300kw 540kw Boilers

Combining respect for the land and the environment with the use of technology to keep cost down and reduce waste of all kinds. Frogmary Green Farm are always looking at green initiatives.

We continue to provide servicing and maintenance care for the two boilers on site to keep them running efficiently.

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